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Escola de Osteopatia de Barcelona (EOB)

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Relationship between the duration of the therapy sessions and patient satisfaction i a ostepathic private clinic
Effects of osteopathic treatment with muscular energy techniques in rotator cuff tendinosis. Pilot Study
Quality of life in patients with low back pain and gastrointestinal symptoms post visceral osteopathic tretament. Quasiexperimental study
Effect of osteopathic treatment on chronic cervical pain in cases of bruxism. Quasiexperimental study
Effects of osteopathic treatment in small intestine on women with cystitis. Cases of series
Effectiveness of visceral osteopathic techniques in women with chronic constipation. A quasiexperimental study
Effectiveness of biodynamic osteopathy on the infant colic crying. A pilot study
Effectiveness of cranial osteopathic treatment in chronic insomnia. A quasiexperimental study
Effectiveness of osteopathic manipulation (Total Body Adjustment) in patients with lymphedema after breast cancer. A pilot study
Influence of osteopathic treatment on quality of life in patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain. A case-controls study
Effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment in chronic neck pain with central sensitization. A pilot study
Effect of visceral manipulation of lumbrosacral range of motion in irritable bowel syndrome. A pilot study
The effect of sacroiliac osteopathic treatment in balance on patients with joint dysfunction. A pilot study
Changes in chronic low back pain after osteopathic manipulation of the fourth thoracic vertebrae. A pilot study
Comparation between a visceral technique vs a structural technique in the total rotation of the right hip in appendectomied patients by open surgery
Efects on high velocity thrust of C2-C3 in patients with cervicogenic headache. A pilot study
Changes in balance after the application of an articulation technique on the subtalar joint in sportsmen. A clinical trial
Relation between diaphragmatic inhibition and neck pain. A randomized controlled trial
Effects of a neck trust manipulation (lift technique) in patients with acute neck pain
Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment in chronic constipation
Body Adjustment techniques to improve stress levels:comparation with a conventional osteopathic intervention: a quasi-experimental pilot study
Osteopathic treatment on patients with irritable bowel syndrome and constipation
Effectiveness of soft tissue treatment in prone position on constipation cases
Body adjustment effect in a patient with essential hypertension
Changes in lung function and ventilatory mechanics after the release of the Mediastinum: A pilot study

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